Cassocks and Surplices

The cassock, or soutane, is an ankle-length robe worn by clerics of the Roma Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox, Anglican and Lutheran Churches, as well as some of theOriental Orthodox churches and ministers and ordained officers of the Presbyterian and Reformed churches. "Ankle-length garment" is the literal meaning of the corresponding Latin term, vestis talaris. In the Western Christian tradition the cassock is generally close fitting, but in the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Oriental Orthodox churches the outer cassock is quite loose.

A surplice or overslop (Late Latin superpelliceum, from super, "over" and pellis, "fur") is a liturgical vestment of theWestern Christian Churches. The surplice is in the form of a tunic of white linen or cotton fabric, reaching to the waiste or to the ankles, with wide or moderately wide sleeves. It usually features lace decoration and may have embroidered borders